Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

My story of Acne

I have never suffered very bad acne during my childhood and teen.
But, it all started to go bad after i was about 23 or 24 (around 2011 to 2012)
I remember it was after i have protein shakes and not working out to the max.
First, they are just big ones but not so many of them. They appeared mostly below the jawline.

So, to cure it, i went to the dermatologist, in one reputable clinic in Jakarta, called E*HA.
First weeks and first 2 to 3 months were good, no acne. Practically, the cream they gave me was really working. However, when i went back home one day, and run out of the cream, the acne beginning to come out again. Back then, i was thinking "this thing was really addictive" and hence i decided not to use it anymore even when i got back to Jakarta.

And the nightmare began. It went from bad to worse. My cheek and jawline were full of acne.
They were these big ones, and painful cysts. I was still firm with my decision, not to go to E*RHA again. And then I began trying to cure the acne myself by using all kinds of soap and acne medication available for sale. Nothing really works noticeably, except for Sebamed if I have to say.

There was about 10 months in which I tried to cure it myself. Back then, I was disappointed at dermatologist. I hate E*HA for what it did to me. I think the cream they gave me was full of steroid, that was why it worked very fast. If I could rewind the time, I would never use their service in the first place. I would rather just have some acne now and then rather than “bam, and there you go”.

After that, I started visiting a dermatologist, Dr. Ernestine who opens a clinic near the cempaka putih area. Well, I think she cured my acned, even though they still came back, they were pretty under control.

The bad news is that, for now, I am still battling with the acne scars left from my years of acne. I hate it. That is why, sometimes I blame E*HA for doing this to me. I hate it that I decided to go to them back then, in which I know now, that I SHOULDN’T.

Right now, I am still taking Acnetrex. I have been taking it for about 4 months, and everything is good. I have no real complaints, except for the noticeable dry lips. But, IMO it is just a small price to pay for a clear skin. I am on 10mg per day, btw.

MY ONLY REGRET TAKINT THIS DRUG IS WHY I DIDN'T TAKE IT EARLIER. If I had, I would have been saved from all these scaring which will always remind me of what has happened in this face. I really think that people will severe or moderate acne should consider taking this drug. I really will take this drug if i had known sooner.

Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Manila 2013

Manila 2013

Got assigned to a project in Manila for .. hm.. who knows how long ?
let's just wait and see.
But, so far the city is good, it is kind of like Jakarta "traffic-wise"
But i have to comment ya, the people here, many of them are good looking, but meh, i dunno..

Okay, i will not forget my new year resolution.
having a good and more proportional body (or you can sum it up in one word "sexy") is a must
yosh !! i have to do it. been delaying this dream for far too long.

Maybe i will buy an S4 or Note 2 pretty soon.
My blackberry is kinda out of date. Sigh, bad camera, and limited usage also.
(well, can't blame blackberry though, it is i who hasn't changed my handphone for about 2 or 3 years..lol)

Writing this at late night
But i have been staying up late for a few days now, the works is kinda hectic.
Just trying to control my stress

Okay, time to sleep..

PS: Loving this song "I have nothing" by Whitney Houston currently.
Found a good youtube video, which is sung by a male (travis kim, if i am not mistaken)
Good song and good voice, you should try to take a peek :D

Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Singapore - Back to Jakarta

Well, writing and posting this from the Singapore, Changi Airport.
It has been a good experience for about 3 weeks in Singapore.

In short, went to:
- Bugis Junction (of course), the nearest mall from my client's place. In fact, going back through this mall to the hotel is better. Well conditioned rooms and a shortcut (probably)

- Mustafa Center, a place with so many things to sell and buy at cheaper price. Some of it items are cheaper by 2 SGD or so if compared with other shops (like W******, etc)

- Sim Lim Square.. Nuh, when i went there, many shops are closed already. Plus the gossips that the sellers are all not so friendly, so i don't even asked around

- Vivo City, this is a place i went to in order to get to Sentosa Island. A big mall, with many things to sell also. But, oh well, i am thinking, Jakarta has many malls also. so... Anyway, going to the Sentosa Island through the boardwalk.

- Sentosa Island, a resort island of Singapore. The admission fee was 1 SGD. Many places and attractions to see. Ate a malay Hokkian Mee Prawn. I think this tasted like laksa. The broth is prawny, with beansprouts, pork, 2 prawns and of course..hokkian me (as the name suggest). Bought this for about 5 SGD.

- Universal Studios, an amusement park, kind of like Dufan (if you've been to Ancol, Indonesia, then you know what Dufan is). Didn't go in, just walking around.

- Marine Life Park. This was the main attraction i went to that day. Well, first of all, i have to say, never go to this kind of place in a public holiday. The queue is too long. 1st hour spent queing for tickets without realizing the queue for the entrance is also a very long one. So, another 1 hour
queing for the entrance (should have purchased the Priority Queue next time), or ask someone to queue for you and you queue for the ticket.. win win =). Forgot to mention that the weather was very hot. I sweat a lot, which i rarely do. After getting in, the air was cool. But then again, when i asked the attendant "where is the aquarium?" He just said "you go straight and turn right". "Omg, another queue" yes, one more hour for the queue.

The aquarium itself is pretty okay. Big panels, many species of fishes and the inside was nice, clean and cool. Just didn't realized many sharks' species was considered threatened. Spend 29 SGD here. I would say worth it, but the queue was kind of frustating.

- Gardens by the bay. The gardens here was nice. Yea, gardens, because it consist of many gardens: Indian Garden, Chinese Garden, Malay Garden, etc2... The conservatories were really good. Flower dome and Cloud Forest. Flower dome was fragrant. I think it was lavender. Cloud Forest has this man-made waterfall, with the wind tunnels provided also!

The entrance fee for the domes are 28 SGD for non singaporean. It is worth it also. If you don't want to enter the dome, you can just walk around, it was free.

One thing to note though, Singapore is very sunny and rainy. It rains almost 2 or 3 days once. Always remember to bring your umbrella or hat. And use sunscreen or sunblock. You will be thankful if you do.

- Shopping spree. Well, i called it shopping free, even though i only bought 5 clothes. But if you know me, that is a lot in once shopping. The design of the clothes are good, and they fit. Not so many brands fit me, but this one do... Spent around 118 SGD shopping.

- Claiming GST refund at Changi airport is really easy. You just go to the GST refund counter, bring your passport and the invoices from the vendor, sign something and then you are done. You are then directed to the inside of the departure to claim your money. I got 5 SGD refund for that 118 SGD spent.

Too bad, this time going to Singapore, i only got some photos due to my phone was broken. Had it worked well, i would hav ebeen able to grab more pictures for this blog. I am sure it will be worth it.

Rabu, 24 April 2013

Fresh February

February 2013
This was the month i start anew in the term of career path.
I left my old company and join a new company in a hope of getting a better financial state and of course the experience of multinational exposure in consulting (which are fulfilled a few months later, thank God for that).

I moved back to Jakarta.
Well, the first week is orientation, but i use the next few weeks waiting for assignment, learning new stuffs and of course (as usual) working and providing support for my last project as well.

It is not a must, but it is more of a moral and "kind" responsibility you have towards your client as a consultant. You kinda feel responsible for the system you built and I don't know any consultants out there, but i am happy and satisfied if the clients said that the system helped them in their reporting.

Let's see how long and how far i can go with my current company.

Okay, this month is a Valentine day. Ah well, i didn't celebrate valentine day this time. Well, not very celebrative-ly, but yea, i have someone to celebrate it with this year. Had a dinner at Plaza Senayan, walked around a bit and then went home. So, i am grateful for it.

January oh January

Whoa.. my blog has been left unattended for a few months..
Okay, the recap of the January, Feb and March of 2013.

January - continuation -
This January was as usual, after the project "Go Live", everything is just okay for a few two weeks.
I even got a chance to go home for a vacation for one week. Well, one week is eventually not enough, but better than nothing, right? So, my home is as usual, I love the smell of the rain there, I also love to see the street crowded with cars and bikes and people walking by. I just love it.

Me and a few of my high school friends met and went out for a late supper. Well, no supper for me, watching out for my waist-line. We went to Kok Tong kopitiam at Megaland shops cluster i believe.

Oh, i met my nephews for a few days, they are as cute as usual, if not cuter!!
The little one is soooo "gemesin", ah, his smile is just soooo cute.
Can't wait to get back and just hold em again...
Hope that both of them can grow to be a good man and love their parents, especially their mother.

Okay, so i got back to Surabaya eventually and start the last-week-before-closing week at my clients. Everything just went by so fast. I even have to work at Saturday and Sunday just to be able to "close" in time. Well, long story short, everything went by okay, and thus that mark my last week with my company.

PS: okay, it doesn't snow in January in my place, just like the pic :)

Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

Choosing a new handphone

Since i am thinking of enjoying life more and be more carefree.
My current one is a bit outdated, it doesn't take good photos...

I am thinking of buying a new smartphone to help me keep tracks of my daily life, so that i can easily update it to my blog. Who knows, that i might one day be a narcist and upload most of my encounters (plainly just people on the street, or the delicacies that i am about to eat) ^_^

Well, who knows?

Currently thinking of buying an Iph*ne 5 or Samsung Galaxy N*te 2.
Personally, like the second one better, but it is a bit too big as a phone.
But, imo, the first one takes better pictures.

Thinking of buying a cheap Chinese made android tab just to familiarize myself with android, plus i can play if i want to. But, if i am about to buy the second one, i am thinking, why do i need another tab?

My budget is limited also, hm...
With so many things lining up waiting to be bought.
I am thinking that this can wait (should be).
So, oh well, probably just wait and see until march or may of 2013.

Year 2013 Resolutions

My Year 2013 Resolutions:

- Have my own car and drive it
- Have my own place
- Learn a new SAP module at least (FI or PS will do)
- Join a gym and be more sexy ;)
- Find a good dermatologist (mine right now is okay, but too far away)
- Have a vacation abroad with my family)
- Taking care of my wardrobe. ew...well, refer to resolutions no 4
- Save up to 100 million IDR at least.
- Get ready for a new job next year (preferably abroad)
- Enjoy life with my love :)

Let's see which one are fulfilled.
Preferably will be able to update this blog of mine regularly and more with photos.
2013, please be good :)